Pushing the limits of color and texture.

Art Installations: 2012-Present

I began working in a much larger scale in 2012, in collaboration with Daniel Greenfeld.

The Colony of Lost, Long-Forgotten Rainbows

Large installation covering 3 walls at the Hive Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Created over several weeks, in collaboration with Daniel Greenfeld.

Paint, screws, wood.

Angle shot of walls 1 and 2.

Close-up of clouds and mountains on wall 1.

Close-up of lower rainbow on wall 2.

Close-up of lower mountains on wall 2.

Here is wall 3 of the installation.

Angle shot showing the depth and dimension of wall 3.

Close-up of lower rainbows on wall 3.

Here we are in front of walls 1 and 2 of the installation.

Private, Public, & Corporate Art Commissions

Commission us to:

Fill a large, empty wall in your home with rainbows, clouds, and mountains.

Create a custom art installation for your office waiting area, hallway, or lobby.

Design, build, and install large, site-specific outdoor art installations for new construction sites.

And much more. The sky's the limit!

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